Sell Animation Online and Earn $2000/Mon: A Step by Step Guide

This guide will show you everything you need to know about selling animation online.

First, I will show you how you can create short animated explainer videos.

Then, I will show you how you can sell your animated videos on Fiverr and make at least $2000/month.

Sound good? Let’s dive right into…

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Section 1

Basic Information About the Online Business


In this section, we are going to understand the idea of this online business.

Who can implement it.

Why this idea is great.

What the expected profits and costs associated with this type of online business are.

And finally, what the steps are that we are going to follow.

Basic Information

What exactly is the idea of this business?

The idea is very simple and very profitable. What we are going to do is to make short animated explainer videos (approximately 60-second videos) using Animaker (A website that helps you to create animated presentations, explainer videos, and video infographics) and sell those videos on Fiverr (A website where you can sell almost any service with a good profit margin). 


The idea of the business


Who can fit into this online business?

This online business is suitable for anyone. It needs no expertise at all or any previous experience because you are going to use simple website software for making short explainer videos which doesn’t need any prior knowledge. You won’t create anything from scratch. Rather, you will just drag and drop items in a very simple and convenient way and then sell the videos you made on Fiverr, making a couple of grand. Still, this idea will suit creative people very much or visual people who value the details of things.

who can fit into this online business


Why is this business idea so great?

This business idea is great for many reasons, which are:

  • The first point is “The simplicity.” As I said before, you won’t create anything; what you are going to do is to drag and drop items (characters, properties, backgrounds, music, and special effects), and make a continuous series of short scenes. Moreover, Animaker provides some options to facilitate the characters’ movements and emotions, upload external files (pictures/audio) and add text. It is very easy to learn Animaker and it won’t take more than one hour to create a professional explainer video.

the simplicity of Animaker


  • The second point is “The time.” Animaker has the right mix of all the features required for perfect video making. One of these features is the customizable video templates that are available and ready to be edited according to your own requirements. You can choose any video template and edit it, adding or removing items, changing characters, editing texts, till you finally have your own video. In addition, Animaker has categorized those video templates in different subjects (such as health, sports, birthday, etc), so it will be very easy for you to choose which subject is suitable for your Fiverr order and watch the video templates in this subject to select the best one and then edit it to make the explainer video– and of course, this will save you a lot of time and give you the chance to create a lot of videos in a very short period of time.

The time of Animaker


  • The third point is “The profitability.” You can make a lot of money from animated explainer videos because it is a very required service and has a big profit margin. For example, look at this gig on Fiverr. The seller creates animated explainer videos for an average standard price of $100 per video. He has created nearly 313 videos which means $31,300 gross profit. In addition, there are 26 other orders in the queue at this time, which means another $2,600 in the near future.

the profitability of Animaker


  • The fourth point is “The demand.” It is evident that people now are more likely to buy any product/service after watching an amazing informative explainer video about the product or the service, rather than reading thousands of words, because the video helps companies/entities to connect better with customers by explaining what their business can do for them and why they should choose their products over other competing businesses. That is why explainer videos have become an indispensable need in marketing for many companies/entities/online businesses and freelancers, which means the demand for the “animated explainer videos” service is so high.

the high demand of Animaker


What are the expected profits?

Top sellers can make $2000 – $5000 per month, while some others can make $25,000+ per month. You can get these numbers by searching for the top sellers on Fiverr and check how many reviews they get in a single day, taking into consideration that 25% of the buyers don’t leave reviews. I know it would take some time for a new seller to reach that level, but it is a business that grows as time goes by. If you take care of this business and give it your concentration, you will absolutely earn those numbers.

A quick glance at one of the top rated professional animators on Fiverr “blisstrovideos”, a member since Aug 2016. He has three different plans with different prices. If he receives five to seven orders per month at the premium plan, how much can he make?

the expected profits


What are the expected costs?

You have a fixed cost and some variable costs which are as follows:

The fixed cost is $39 per month.

This cost is paid once a month to Animaker in order to get the full commercial rights to sell your videos to a third party. You can consider this cost a rent, like in any physical business. Don’t worry, because you will cover this cost when you start earning profits.

The variable costs are $5 – $10 per order.

Those costs may be paid per order when the buyer asks for a voiceover or scriptwriting. In this case, you will have to hire another Fiverr seller to make the voiceover or scriptwriting for you. You can save those costs if you are good at these extra services, and you can make them by yourself. Don’t worry too – you will cover those costs when you put these features on a higher price package, so technically, you will shift them to the final buyer.

The Fiverr commission is 20% per order

Fiverr will charge 20% for every order you receive. For example, if you earn $5, Fiverr will charge $1 and you will get the other $4.

Short videos to sell on Fiverr


What are the steps that you have to follow?

There are four steps you need to follow in order to make your first explainer video and make money, which are:

  • First of all, you need to learn how to use Animaker software in order to make professional explainer videos without any mistakes. This learning process won’t take more than an hour, after which you’ll be familiar with the software.


  • The second step is to create a Fiverr account and start customizing it till it looks professional, adding a description, determining pricing plans, and adding your promo video.


  • The third step is called the marketing step. You need to expose your service in many places in order to get traffic and thus orders, such as YouTube, social media, the Fiverr forum, Facebook groups and many other places that will be discussed later in Section 6.


  • The last step: deal with the orders, negotiate with the buyers, start creating explainer videos, and earn money.

the Steps That You Have to Follow?


All these steps will be discussed in detail in the following sections, so keep reading.

Section 2

 Creating Explainer Videos

Using ” Animaker “


In this section, we are going to understand what Animaker is.

How can we use it to make professional videos.

How to become professional animators.

What to do in the first month.

And finally, how to decide which plan can fit us and our online business.

Creating Explainer Video another one

What exactly is Animaker?

Animaker is a do-it-yourself tool for making some excellent animated short videos without any experience. It helps a wide range of users to craft an animated video with high quality, focusing heavily on studio standards and without much training or even external guidance.


If you want to know more about Animaker, you can watch this video. It is from their YouTube channel:

How can we use Animaker?

The best thing about Animaker is the simplicity. You can create videos without spending much time and with the least possible effort, because it depends mainly on drag and drop.

Now, let’s start our trip and go to

go to Animaker

In the upper right side, let’s click on the “SignUp” button to create our account.

Sign up to Animaker

When we click on “SignUp,” a new window will appear to fill out our personal details. You can sign up with your Facebook account or Google account. You can also sign up with your email by writing your name, your email, your password, the CAPTCHA and then finally hitting “Sign Up.”

Fill out your data on Animaker

After you finish, a new window will also appear to let you know that a verification email has been sent to you.

A verification mail by Animaker

Go to your email and click on the link that is attached in the Animaker message to verify your email address.

An email by Animaker

When you click on the link, you will be redirected again to Animaker main page.

Get started by Animaker

Now, let’s press “Get Started.”

Press on Get Started

After we press “Get Started,” we will be directed to a page that is full of video templates. On the left-hand side, there are some lists. The first list is “Plans” which is subdivided into free video templates and premium video templates.

Below it, there is the “Categories” list, and it is subdivided into categories that are based on subjects such as Health, Education, Food, Travel, Sports, etc.

the Animaker layout

Now, before we do anything, let’s scroll down till we reach the page footer.

Animaker Footer

In the “Support” section, press “Tutorials.”

Press on Tutorials

When we press “Tutorials”, we will be sent to a tutorial page.

Tutorials page

This page contains eight video tutorials.

page with 8 pages tutorials

Each video will teach you something, so make sure to spend some time watching all the videos. As we said before, we want to make professional explainer videos, so we must learn all the tips and tricks to be able to deliver our work in a quality format.

Don’t worry, you won’t spend so much time here, because the average duration is two minutes for each video.

For example, let’s play the first video.

The first video of Animaker

The first lesson in video #1 is called “How to create a simple walk cycle using Animaker? Fast, slow & super-fast”

You can press “Play” to watch the video and learn how you can create a simple walk.

How to create a simple walk

If you aren’t interested in watching a video, Animaker made a series of steps using screenshots for those people who don’t like watching videos, or who want to implement every step without having to stop the video each time.

Just scroll down the page, and you will see screenshot for every step. You can read each step and see the screenshot and then follow it.

Follow the steps

How do you become a professional animator?

To become a professional, you have to implement what you have learnt over and over till you feel that you have the ability to make a complete professional video by yourself.  

So let’s go back to the Animaker video templates page once again.

How do you become a professional animator

As we start training, we want a blank template to apply what we have learnt, so press “Use” in the blank template.

use blank animator template

A loading page will appear, so don’t worry if it takes some time to load.

loading page

After loading, you will be landed on the dashboard page. You will find a tutorial video, and make sure to open the video, because it will give you a quick walkthrough of the Animaker dashboard, and show you the components of Animaker and where to start.

Animator tutorial video

After you finish watching the video, it is time to start creating your first animated video. Start dragging and dropping characters and make them walk and move, change scenes and backgrounds, put music and add special effects, write text, and upload external pictures. In other words, live the experience of making a video till you finally become a professional and know every aspect of Animaker.  

your first animated video


What should you do in the first month?

The first thing you should do is to make a promo animated video of yourself telling people who you are and what you can do. This video will be used in your gig on Fiverr. Don’t underestimate it, because it is very important, as it will make your offer more attractive and more visible, and hence bring you more sales.

For example, look at this video on Fiverr. It is taken from a professional animator called djyoung.

Create your promo video

The second thing is to create your Fiverr account and then your Fiverr gig, which will be explained in detail in Section 3.

The third thing is to make your friends and family help you, because the hardest part when you create a new gig is to get the first few positive reviews. That’s why you have to ask some of your friends and family to create Fiverr accounts and buy your gig and then give you positive reviews. Then you will start to show up more in the search rankings. That is exactly what all professional Fiverrs do when they create a new gig. Don’t ever create some fake accounts and buy your own gig.

I know some of you will not be happy with this method, but it is just a temporary task, not a permanent one. You can assign some money for that purpose for those friends who haven’t the ability to pay you. You can give them the money and they will be giving it you back again, once they buy your gig. Be sure to make professional videos for them, because those videos will be displayed in your portfolio.


Which pricing plan is suitable for you?

As I said before, there is a monthly cost that must be paid for the Animaker service. But how can you decide which pricing plan is suitable for you?

Let’s go back again to the main page of Animaker.

Get started by Animaker

On the main menu bar, press “Pricing” to see the different plans that Animaker offers.

Pricing Plans

Animaker comes with four pricing plans which are:

  • Personal – $12 monthly
  • Startup – $19 monthly
  • Business – $39 monthly
  • Free – $0

Different pricing plans

My recommendation is to select the “Startup” plan in the first month, because this plan has a nice collection of assets (Characters and Props) which is far better.

Choose startup plan

My recommendation comes with many reasons:

First of all, the “Startup” plan gives you many characters and props, animated maps and charts, sound effects, and music tracks, while the free and personal plans give you only a few of them. As we discussed earlier, you must make your promo video as professional as possible, so the “Startup” plan is perfect for this mission.

The second reason: the “Startup” plan gives you two export qualities when you decide to download your work which are SD and HD, while the personal plan gives you only SD. Of course you need high definition videos for your samples.

The third reason: the difference between the “Personal” plan and “Startup” plan isn’t big; it is only $7, so it isn’t a big deal to have many options for an extra $7.


Which pricing plan is suitable for your business?

The “Startup” plan was suitable for you to create your intro video, but when it comes to the business, you must subscribe to the “Business” plan. It is ideal for brands, video marketers, and freelancers like you, because it provides the opportunity of an unlimited number of videos in full HD. Besides that, you will have full commercial rights to monetize and sell videos not only on Fiverr but also elsewhere.

The commercial plan

It is important to make a legitimate online business without facing any problem of any kind. As we will sell videos online, we don’t want to face problems related to commercial/legal rights, so the “Business” plan will protect us against that issue. I know it is a little bit expensive at $39 per month, but remember that you will make profits double, triple, or quadruple that cost, so don’t worry.

To make sure that you will be safe under the “Business” plan, read this answer to the question “Which plan gives monetization/commercial/selling rights?” This answer is taken from the Animaker blog itself.

Which plan gives commercial rights

In order to subscribe to any plan, just scroll down a little until you reach the “Upgrade” button and click on it.


When you click on the “Upgrade” button, the payment page will appear. The first thing you should do is to select “Monthly” from the Plan Type filter, and then you have to fill out your personal details including your business name, credit card number, expiry date of your credit card, and the CVV on the back of your card, and then hit the “Submit” button.


After you finish the payment process, you will receive an email from the Animaker team.

Animaker Email

Now, after you have learnt everything about Animaker, it is your turn to start making professional videos. In the coming sections, we will learn how we can create a professional account on Fiverr and sell our video gigs to make a huge profit.

Section 3

Creating A Fiverr Account

& A Seller Account


In this section, we are going to learn what exactly Fiverr is.

How to create an account on Fiverr.

And how we can create a successful seller profile on Fiverr.

Creating a Fiverr account

What exactly is Fiverr?

According to Wikipedia, Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.



How to create a Fiverr account?

Creating a Fiverr account is very easy and takes no time. Just go to

Open Fiverr

In the top right corner, press the “Join” button to create your account.

Join Fiverr

You can join Fiverr with your Facebook account or Google account, or you can join it with your email.

Sign up with your email

If you chose to sign up with your email, you will be asked to write your username and a password, then press the “Join” button.

Choose username and password

After you finish, go to your email inbox, and you will find a Fiverr confirmation mail. Just press the “Activate Your Account” button to verify your email.

activate your Fiverr account


How to create a seller profile on Fiverr?

After you click the activation button, you will be redirected to Fiverr’s main page again. Now click “Become a Seller” in order to create your gig.

become a seller

A new window will appear. Click on “Become a Seller” once again.

Press on become a seller

After you press the button, another new window will appear with some required personal data to complete. It is important to fill this in, because buyers may open your account to know more about you.

You can watch this video in order to learn how to fill out this required information.

Fiverr video


What should I write in my personal profile?

Remember that many Fiverr buyers open the profile of the seller before they buy their gig. Buyers want to make sure that their money will go to the right person who can give them what they need. So it is very important to spend time writing your personal information and making a professional profile to attract buyers and encourage them to buy your services.

Your Name

Of course, this is the main part of your profile. You should use your real name instead of nicknames or unreal names. For example, if you are a marketing consultant, don’t write your name as “Marketing Expert” nor any trade name instead of your real name, because buyers don’t trust people with this kind of name. If your name is “John Adam” then write it as it is.

Your Profile Picture

You should use your own profile picture instead of a picture of another person or a famous personality. People want to know you well and to connect with you, so be yourself.

Your Bio “Description”

Your bio is the most valuable part of your profile, because it shows people how skilled you are. When you start writing your bio, be a professional. Don’t just write “My name is … and I am an expert animator and I am … years old.” Instead, you should write an attractive bio. For example, you can bring a quote to write in the first two sentences, such as:

Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.

Then start writing about how you are passionate about your service, such as:

“My great passion is to help people, including companies, freelancers, and bloggers, to display their products and services in a good explainer video in order to give their potential customers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” 

You can also show how you are different from other competitors, such as:

“I know that no single explainer video type is the right one for every customer. That’s why I have a wide range of materials that enable me to make different types of explainer videos, including 2D videos, infographic videos, whiteboard videos, and handcraft videos.”

Finally, you can write about your educational background, such as:

“My educational background includes a … in … and a …. in … I have a B.A. in … from the University of …. etc.”

Your bio doesn’t have to be super serious, but at the same time it should be very professional in order to capture your visitors’ attention.

personal profile

Section 4

Creating A Fiverr Gig

& Uploading Videos


In this section, you are going to learn how to create a professional gig.

How to set pricing packages.

How to write an awesome gig description.

How to mention your requirements.

And finally, how to select and upload videos and pictures.

Creating a Fiverr Gig

How to create a gig?

When you finish filling out your personal data in the previous section, you will find a button called “Continue & Create Your First Gig.” Press it.  

Create your first gig button

When you press that button, you will land on a new page where you are going to fill some data about your service. The first window is called “Overview.” In that window, you should write a title for your gig, choose a category, and write some tags. So let’s fill them together.

Fill some data


How to fill the overview section?

When you start writing your gig title, remember that you have to come up with a creative title to be different from the competition, and you should also:

– Write a short sentence and be specific.

– Write a relevant keyword.

– Make one word Capitalized.

– Use some form of numbers.

For instance, you could write: “I will create a UNIQUE animated explainer video in 3 days.”

UNIQUE” is the capitalized word.

Animated explainer video” is the keyword where people might put it in the search bar when looking for a specific gig.

3” is your number.

Don’t worry, you can change the title at any time you want. Three days is very short time to deliver a video, but at the same time, it can drum up some sales at the beginning. You can change it in the future to a reasonable time for you.

When you finish writing the title, “Just perfect!” will appear and it means that the title isn’t too short or too long.

write the gig title

After that, you should select a category and subcategory. In this case, we will choose “Video & Animation” and then select “Whiteboard & Animated Explainers.”

Choose video and animation

After that, you will be asked to select the animation type you provide. In this case we will choose “2D Animation.”

fill gig metadata

In the second tab which is “File Format,” check all the file formats in that tab.

choose file format

The last section in the “Overview” window is “Search Tags.” In this area, we will add up to five tags related to our service, and then hit “Save & Continue.”

write tags


How to fill the pricing section?

This will lead you to the second window which is “Scope & Pricing.” In this window, you can assign packages with different prices, each package offering some extra features.

scope and pricing

In order to set good packages, you should search for your competitors and read their packages. Don’t copy and paste what they’ve written. Instead, take an idea from their packages and take your time writing your own. Don’t forget your costs in order to have a reasonable profit margin. In order to do this, open Fiverr in another tab, and in the search area, write “animated explainer videos.”

choose animated video

Then, open some of your competitors’ gigs and take a look of their packages and plans.

competitors pricing plans

Then start writing your own, but you should know that you will be obligated by what you are going to write. If you write that you will deliver your order after three days, then you must deliver on time.

start writing your own plan


How to fill the description & FAQ section?

After you finish the “Pricing” step, you will proceed to the third step which is “Description & FAQ.”

describe your gig

The “Description” is where you tell your potential buyers what you have to offer, so it is very important to be clear with your description to cut down on any misunderstanding.

In order to write a professional gig description, remember:

– Be straightforward and detailed.

– Include all relevant keywords to help search engine finds you.

– Don’t copy and paste the description from other people who offer the same service.

– Let people know what you won’t do.

– Highlight and bold the things you want to stand out in your description box.

– Spell correctly without mistakes, in order to show your customers your professionalism and attention to detail.

Now, let’s start writing our gig description step by step:

First of all, we need to find some relevant keywords to include them in our description. In order to do this, we have to go to Google and write this line in the search box:


In our case, we will write into the Google search bar:

Inurl:animated explainer video

This trick will enable you to know what keywords the sellers use to optimize their gig.

search on google

You can open any one of them to figure out what words may work best to include in your description.

put some keywords

Write down those keywords and remember to include them in your description and the image files that you are going to upload.

So the list of the keywords that you are going to include in your description are:

– Create a unique explainer video

– Make a professional animated explainer video

– Increase conversion rates

– High quality

– Videos


After this, you have to think what things you aren’t going to do in your service. For example, this guy wrote that he won’t be able to change the script or the voiceover. You can also write this in your description.

Now, let’s write our description and include all the steps we have mentioned above. This is just an example. You can write your description in your own way.

“Do you need a unique explainer video for your business?

Then you are in the right place, because I am going to make a professional animated explainer video for you that will boost your business reputation and attract more leads to it.

What I offer is high-quality videos that can be shared through social media, thus these can help to spread the positive points about your brand swiftly and lead to tons of clicks and high conversion rates.

My packages include:

  • Animated Characters
  • Professional Voiceover (Male or Female)
  • Sync Your Own Voiceover
  • Exclusive Background Imagery
  • Royalty-Free Background music
  • Your Logo/Website
  • Full HD 1080p
  • Unlimited Revisions until you are totally satisfied


  • Before ordering, please send me your script/voiceover (if you haveone), for a quick review to make sure that I can deliver an awesome animated explainer video for you!
  • If you have any special requirements for your video, like for example, a specific image, specific music or suggestions, please contact me first before hitting the order button.
  • I will not create explainer videos for adult or sexual content.

 As I said before, this is just an example, and you can write better than that. And don’t worry, because you can go and edit your description any time you want.

Take into consideration that the max limit of characters is 1200. I have written more than that in my example, just to give you the big picture, so we will minimize what we have written a little to fit the box.

Now, let’s fill out the description box together.

Put your description in the box

When you finish, there is another tab in the same step called “Frequently Asked Questions.” In this tab, you can write some listed questions and answers to help customers understand your service better.

I don’t recommend you fill it now. You can wait till you start receiving some questions in your inbox from your customers, and then you can write those questions with ideal answers in the FAQ section.

If you already have some questions and answers, you can write them by pressing on the “Add FAQ” button link.


An example from one of the top animators who has added some FAQs to his service:

frequently asked question

After you finish, press the “Save & Continue” button to go to the fourth step.

Press Save and Continue


How to fill the requirements section?

In the fourth step, “Requirements,” you can tell your customers what you need to get started.

For example, for Requirement #1, I will write:

In every order, please provide me with:

  1. Your script if you have one.
  2. If you don’t have a script, then give me some guidelines.
  3. Your logo or your website link.

If you have any other requirements, you can press the “Update” button to add another requirement.

requirement 1

For the second requirement, I will write:

Please contact me before ordering to see if I can handle your project as you expect. Thank you!

After you write your all requirements, hit the “Save & Continue” button.

requirement 2


How to fill the gallery section?

In the fifth step, you are going to upload your gig gallery. As I said in Section 2, it is very important to have a promo video for yourself, telling people who you are and what you can do for them. This video will shift your sales to the roof.

In order to upload your video, just press the “Browse” link.

Drag a picture

And then choose your promo video from your PC to upload.

Select your video

After that you must upload a photo. It is a must in Fiverr, in order to go to the next step, so you have to click on the “Browse” button link.

Choose the picture you want to upload.

Select your pic

Now after you upload the video and the picture, scroll down and press the “Save & Continue” button.

upload and save


How to publish your gig?

The last step is “Publish,” and in this step you will find a congratulations message from Fiverr, telling you that you are almost done with your first gig, and they ask you to verify your phone number before they can publish your gig. All you have to do here is to click on the “Verify Now” button.

Verify your gig

When you finish, a new window will appear, in which you must enter your country and phone number. You can verify your details by SMS or by a call. In this case, we will choose SMS.

verify by sms

After you hit “Verify by SMS,” a code message will be sent to your mobile phone. Just enter the four-digit verification code and then press the “Submit Code” button.

Verify your phone number

Congratulations, your verification is complete. Just press the “Next” button.

Press Next

The last thing you should do is to add a security question. It is a mandatory step of the phone verification, and then hit “Finish.”

Add a security question

Are you ready to publish your first gig? Of course you are, so let’s press the “Publish Gig” button.

Publish gig

And then press the “Done” button.


After you finish, your gig will be listed in Active Gigs.

list of active gigs

Creating a gig isn’t the final thing to learn. Still, there are some other things you have to know before starting to sell your gig, and I will mention them in the next section which is called “Things You Should Know Before Selling.”

Section 5

Things You Should Know

Before Selling


In this section, you are going to learn the different seller levels.

What to do if you want some time off.

How to keep your customers satisfied.

And finally, how to increase your exposure on Fiverr.

Things you should know

What are seller levels?

There are four main seller levels on Fiverr, and each level has some requirements you should complete in order to go to the next level. In return, you will enjoy some benefits in each level that will help you a lot in terms of sales and support.

To know more about the seller level system, just go to the Fiverr main page, and click on “Selling” in the menu bar. A little drop list menu will appear. Just click on “Analytics” from this menu.

Open analytics

When you click on Analytics, you will be directed to that page. On this page you will see where you are in the level system and what tasks you can do in this level.

How level system works

When you sign up on Fiverr and create your first gig, you will be at the Zero Level. When you stay at this level without sales or reviews, you will appear to be “High Risk.”  In order to climb up the level system of Fiverr, you must meet some requirements to reach the next level, and in order to know what the requirements are, just scroll down a little, and you will find the goals you have to achieve in order to become a Level One Seller. All goals that are in a gray color haven’t yet been achieved, while those in the green color you have already achieved.

When you successfully complete all those goals, you will be moved to the next level and become a Level One Seller.

Zero Level

As I said before, at each level there are some requirements and some benefits. To see your level benefits, just scroll up a little and click on “Learn More.”

Press Learn More

On this page, you will see each level’s exact requirements and benefits. As we are at the Zero Level, our benefits will be: 7 active gigs, 2 gig extras, 5 gig multiples, custom offers, and an earning clearance of 14 days.


To learn what the requirements and benefits for the rest of the levels are, just scroll down.

The requirements and benefits of a Level One Seller:

Level One Seller

The requirements and benefits of a Level Two Seller:

Level two seller

The requirements and benefits of a Top Rated Seller:

Top rated seller


What do you do if you want some time off?

What if you get sick or what if you want a couple of days off?

Fortunately, Fiverr allows you to put your gig into vacation mode for up to 60 days a year. All you have to do is to go to the Fiverr main page and click on your profile, and then click on your username from the drop down list.

Click on your profile

When you click on your username, your personal Fiverr account details will be opened. Click the “Vacation Mode” button.

Vacation mode

In the new window, “Activate Vacation Mode,” select the reason why you are taking a vacation, and you select also the duration of the vacation.

activate vacation mode

In the first menu, you can choose between three options. In this example, I will choose “I’ll be back soon.”

Select the reason

For the duration, I will select “Three days.”

the duration of days

And then I hit “Done.”

Press Done

Now, you can enjoy the three days off without any trouble. Moreover, customers will be able to search for your gig while you are in vacation mode, and when you come back, you will find new customers lined up at your door.


How to keep your customers satisfied?

In order to be a professional seller on Fiverr and receive a lot of orders, you should learn how to make your customers really happy and satisfied, and to do that, remember the following tips:

  1. Produce a high-quality gig.

Put all your effort in when you start implementing an order. You should take time to create a unique service and not just an average one. Give your customer real value, and remember that if your customer receives a good service, not only will they ask for more services in the future, but also they will market your gig among their friends and family.


  1. Check your work before delivering.

In order to produce a high quality gig, you should check your work for mistakes before delivering. Play the video over and over to make sure that there is nothing missed and everything is correctly done.


  1. Deliver your work on time.

Realize as a seller that buyers have chosen you for a reason and they totally depend on you. Not only that, but they also trust you that you will finish the order in the time you have allotted. So don’t disappoint them.



  1. Establish a friendly relationship with your customers.

It will be a good thing if you refer to your buyers by their names. Communicate with them in a polite way. If there is a modification request, handle it quickly and professionally. Respond to their messages promptly, and leave feedback to their comments.  


  1. Be straight and honest.

If something comes up, let your buyer know right away. You should explain to them what happened and discuss with them how you can fix the problem in a very short period of time.

How to keep your customers satisfied


How to increase your exposure on Fiverr?

When you receive an order and deliver the gig, the buyer can give permission for the video to be displayed in your portfolio or not. By default, the video will display in your portfolio and most buyers don’t change it. So next time you sell a gig, make sure to send it to your buyer to rate you and there will be a good chance the video will be shown in your portfolio.

Remember that the more videos you have in your portfolio, the more exposure you get on Fiverr, and thus more sales.

For example, watch those video samples on djyoung‘s account.

Increase your exposure

The second thing you can do to increase your exposure is to create more than one gig. For example, you can make four different gigs, one gig for 2D, one gig for infographics, one gig for whiteboards, and one gig for handcraft. In this case you’ll need to create four promo videos for each of these gigs.

create more than one gig

Section 6

Marketing & Exposing

Your Fiverr Gig


In this section, you are going to learn how to market your Fiverr gig.

How to promote your gig on YouTube.

How to use Reddit to attract new visitors.

How to expose your gig in different Facebook groups.

And finally, how to create a blog.

Marketing and exposing

Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t bring in the amount of traffic we would like to see for our gigs, so we have to depend on ourselves to attract more visitors and customers to our gigs. Here I will mention some applicable ways to market your Fiverr gig and increase exposure.

First Method: Youtube


As you know, Youtube is becoming a more powerful form of communication, and is more engaging than other types of less dynamic ads. Marketing your Fiverr gigs on YouTube can bring hordes of people to your gig.

In order to know how you can create a channel on YouTube, please follow the instructions on this video.

When you finish creating your YouTube channel, it is important to remember those tips too, in order to make your videos reach rank #1 on YouTube:

– Make your video extension MP4 and make the file dimension 1280 x 720. You can use any video converter to adjust the video. For example, you can use

Online Convert

– The file name should contain your keywords. In our example, you should write “Unique animated video explainer.”

Put your title

– Start your description with a sentence that can stimulate people to watch the video and don’t forget to add your Fiverr gig’s link in the description.

write description

– Make more than 5 tags and fewer than 15, and include your targeted keywords.


After that, publish your video and make your friends and family subscribe to your channel, and ask them to share your channel on their social media channels.


Second Method: Reddit


Reddit is another source where you can grab a lot of traffic. I have explained how you can get traffic from Reddit before in Section 5 of my first article: “Start a Viral Website and Make Money: The Definitive Guide.” Make sure to read it and follow the instructions.

After that go to

This subreddit will help you to expose your Fiverr videos without any constraints.

Fiverr Gigs

Once there, press “Submit a new link.”

Submit a new link

Then add your video and write about your Fiverr gig, and don’t forget to link to it.


Third Method: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups

Facebook groups is another place to promote your Fiverr gig. Just search for the following groups in the search bar:

  • Fiverr Gig promotion
  • Fiverr Gig promote
  • Fiverr community

Fiverr gig promotion

Then join as many groups as you can.

join a lot of groups

Try to participate with other members, create posts, like, and comment, and then promote your own Fiverr gigs.


Fourth Method: Fiverr Forum


One of the excellent ways to promote your Fiverr gig is the Fiverr forum, because it is an active forum where most of the Fiverr sellers and buyers are registered.

Go to the Fiverr main page.

Fiverr main page

Then press the “Community” link and then choose “Forum.”


Now open “Fiverr Tips.”

Fiverr Tips

And then start opening the topics that have a lot of replies.


And then start participating in these topics by leaving replies, giving tips, asking questions. 

Start participating


Fifth Method: Blog


Creating a blog may seem difficult, but it isn’t, because I have explained it in detail before in Section 2 in my previous article “Start a Viral Website and Make Money: The Definitive Guide.” You can follow those previous steps without any problem, but I will update number 2 and number 5 in the table of contents.

Create a wordpress blog

Choose a Good Web Hosting Service Provider

In the previous article, I suggested using Hostgator as a web hosting service provider, because you were creating a viral website with a lot of pictures, and your subscription was approximately $10 per month. Let’s change our hosting to another company and pay just $5 per month instead of $10, and have the same advantages of Hostgator or maybe more.

Just go to

NiceHosto main page

Press the “Order Hosting” button.

Order Hosting

You will find three plans. I recommend to choose the Basic plan, because you don’t need much disk space or any other special advantages. Then press “Order Now.”

3 plans

Select the third choice and put your domain name, and follow the instructions after that from the previous article.

Third choice


Buy a Professional WordPress Theme

In the previous article I also suggested buying a professional WordPress theme ($50), but here in this online business, you don’t need a premium theme. You can get a free one without paying a dime. When you set up WordPress, just go to your “Appearance” and choose “Themes.” You will find many free themes, and you can choose any suitable theme without paying anything.

wordpress theme

After you finish that process, it is time to start writing your articles. You should write topics in the video animation niche, such as “The Importance of Animated Videos,” “The Advantages of Explainer Videos for Businesses,” “Why Should Companies Start Depending on Explainer Video Marketing” and so on.

You can search for these topics on the Internet and rewrite them with your own style, and you can also find these topics on Reddit forums, the Fiverr forum and many other communities.

After you finish your article, don’t forget to attach your Fiverr gig link at the end of the article, telling the people where they can go if they need a professional animator to create their videos, and then introduce yourself.



At the end, I hope you liked this online business idea. If you need any help, just contact me.

(All the characters that have been used throughout the article are taken from




After reading the walkthrough …..

Are you willing to start selling animation online today? 

 Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Are you willing to start now

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