Start a Viral Website and Make Money: The Definitive Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide to start a viral website and make money online.

The best part?

I am going to show you how you can create a viral website like BuzzFeed & Viral Nova that yield at least $160,000 a year.

In short: if you want to learn how you can build a successful viral website, you will love this guide.

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A guide to BuzzFeed secrets

Section 1

Basic Information About Viral Blogging


In this section, we are going to answer some important fundamental questions about the meaning of viral blogging and why we should start creating a viral blog immediately.

In addition, we are going to talk about the expected revenues and costs associated with this type of online business.

Basic information about viral blogging

What exactly is viral blogging?

Viral blogging simply means that you write some content which spreads rapidly online through website links and social sharing, and is viewed by a large number of people.

For those who don’t know the meaning of the word “viral,” it comes from the word “virus,” which means any piece of media that can be spread just like a virus among people and suddenly become an online sensation. This content could be an image, a video, an article, a story, a tweet, a poll, a song, or even a game.

For example: Look at this post on BuzzFeed18 Undeniable Signs You Went To High School In A Small Town.”

BuzzFeed Viral Post

It has had more than 907K shares on Facebook, according to BuzzSumo, which means that this post is considered a viral post, and people have forwarded it many times to each other.

BuzzSumo Rank

The song Despacito is another piece of content that has gone viral. It was launched at the beginning of 2017 and has topped the charts in nearly 50 countries.

Despacito Song on Youtube

It is now the most viewed and liked video on YouTube of all time, the fastest to rack up 4 billion views with more than 23 million likes and over 1.8 million comments.

Sabbaticals of Despacito Song


What are the most popular viral websites?

There are many viral sites but here the best ones:

Viral Nova


Little Things

Why do you need to create a viral blog?

  • Firstly, in any regular website you must have a basic concept of what you are writing, or a general interest in the topics you are sharing. In contrast, with a viral blog, you need no expertise at all. You don’t have to possess any information or have ideas to share. Rather, you just share entertainment. In other words, you don’t need to have great knowledge of any kind.


  • Secondly, you don’t need to spend much money to create your viral blog – you just need a small upfront capital to pay for the domain name, the hosting, and the template.


  • Thirdly, your viral website can be up and running with huge traffic in less than 24 hours, so you have a huge advantage over other normal blogs in terms of traffic.


  • Fourthly, you don’t have to invest much of your time creating posts. You need a couple of hours each day, so you will still have time for your social life.


  • Lastly, it is a very simple way to earn money online. It takes very little effort compared to other traditional blogs which enforce you to brainstorm ideas to write. In a viral blog, you are just looking around the Internet for the topics, stories, pics, and videos which could go viral and people would like to see. 

Why you need to create a viral blog like BuzzFeed


How much money can you make from a viral blog?

Actually, I was making from $100 to $300 per day, which means $3000 to $9000 per month. The bar chart below demonstrates my revenues over the 12 months of 2017. Many other people are making around $15,000 to $20,000 per month. I don’t want to deceive you, but you won’t make those numbers till you understand the whole process and follow the instructions that I am going to discuss later.

My Personal Earnings in 2017


What is the expected cost needed to create a viral website?

There are some necessary things you must pay for, such as:

  • A domain name

This will cost you $12 paid each year.


  • Web hosting

This will cost you $12 – $100 paid each month.


  • WordPress theme

This will cost you $49 – $86 paid at once.

Costs to Create a Viral website like BuzzFeed

There are some other things that may cost you some money if you want to invest in customization, SEO, marketing, or other factors along the way.

But there is another way to minimize those necessary costs to the minimal level. You can minimize those costs to only $5 paid each month. I am going to reveal this technique in section 3, keep reading.

What are the steps that you have to follow?

The steps are very simple, but it needs some patience and a little work from your side.

  • First of all, you need to create a viral website. Create either one in a certain niche, or a general viral news website. You can build the website with the help of WordPress or you can hire someone to build your website which I don’t recommend, because it will cost you thousands of dollars.


  • The second step: Start writing great and simple articles with viral images, videos, stories, or quotes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to brainstorm anything. All you have to do is to search for topics that have gone viral already, then rewrite them with your own voice and share them again.


  • The third step is to send tons of traffic to your posts, either organic traffic or paid traffic. You will share your posts on the different types of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc. From time to time, you will need to make some paid ads, so you must set a budget for that purpose.


  • The last step is called the monetization step, which means earning money from the clicks you are going to receive from the traffic that will come to see your posts. You can choose which method of monetization will suit you: Google AdSense,, Propeller Ads, etc.

The Essential Steps to Start Making Money

All those steps will be discussed in detail with screenshots and videos, in the following sections.

In Section 2, I will teach you how to create a website using WordPress. I call it the professional way because you will go through a complete website creation process. You are going to learn how to buy a domain name, a hosting service, a WordPress theme, and how to deal with WordPress’ back-end to finally build your website.

In Section 3, I will give you another substitute way to create your website which will save you a lot of money and time. I call it the simple way because you won’t need to buy a domain name, a hosting service or even a WordPress theme.

Make sure to read both sections before you start following the instructions, and then decide which way will fit you better. If you already have some knowledge or a little experience in WordPress, then you can skip those two sections and head directly to Section 4.

Section 2

 Creating A Viral Website

” The Professional Way “


In this section, we are going to learn how to create a viral website through selecting a domain name, choosing a good hosting service, buying a WordPress theme, and mixing them up to create our viral website.

Pro way png again

1. Choose your domain name

The first step in creating a viral website, like any other website, is to choose a domain name. If you don’t know what a domain name is – it is the name of your website. In other words, it is the address where users can access your website.

Before you choose your domain name, remember these three tips:

1. Make it easy.

You should make it easy for your customers to reach your website without any misspellings or mistakes.

2. Make it memorable.

There are tons of registered domain names. If your domain name isn’t memorable, there is a big chance to lose a portion of your potential online users.

3. Make it funny.

Don’t make your website domain name looks so serious. After all, it is for a viral website that shares entertainment.

Choose a Good Domain Name

Sometimes, you will face some difficulties when you try to find a suitable domain name. If you cannot decide on a nice domain name and you need some inspiration, then go directly to

Domain Search for Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator that helps you find great available domain names for your website.

When you land on this website, enter a word that you want your domain name to include. Let’s assume that your viral website is for dogs, so let’s enter “dogs” in the search area.

Write a Word in The Generator

When you click on “Search Domains,” you are going to find a lot of available domains that contain the word “dogs.”

Generator Founds Domain Names

As you see, the website found 2,939 available domains containing “dogs.” Choose what looks nice to you and remember that this domain name will be your website’s name and you won’t be able to change it once you buy it.

Now, let’s pick a name, like, for example, “dogsgeeks.” You will find it if you scroll down a little. As I said before, any domain name will cost you around $12, but let me minimize this cost a little and grab you a domain name for less than that, by using this trick.

Let’s go to

Get Some Free Coupons

This website offers you some coupons and discounts in order to buy anything at a discounted price. Write in the search area “Godaddy” and press enter.

Write in the Search Godaddy

For those who don’t know what GoDaddy is, GoDaddy is a global provider of web hosting and related services. It is the place where we are going to buy our domain name. Of course, there are many other web-hosting sites like Hostgator and Namecheap, but in this example we are going to buy from GoDaddy.

Open The Coupon Code

Great, RetailMeNot offers you 93% off dot com domains. This means you are going to save 93% of the domain price when you buy it. Now click on “Show Coupon Code.”

Copy The Code

Copy the code, then go to and make sure to create an account if you don’t have one, or sign in if you already do.

Open Your Account

In the search area, we will write our selected domain name chosen from Lean Domain Search, which is “,” and click on the search button.

Write The domain name in the search bar

Now click on “Continue to Cart.”

Continue to Cart

Then choose “No Thanks.”

Press On No Thanks

And then scroll down to the end of the page and select “Continue with these options.”

Continue with these options

When you reach this page, you should do two things. First of all, from the drop down list, choose “1 year.” Then click on the “Have a promo code?” option.

Choose 1 Year

A pop-up window will be shown. Make sure to paste your promo code and then hit “Apply.”

Put The Promo Code

In the end, you will find that the total payment is only $1.24.

It is one dollar

As you can see, you have obtained your first domain name and saved more than $10.75 using this small trick.

A big cut in the price

Now you can buy this domain name by clicking on “Add payment,” or if you have a PayPal account, click on “PayPal.”

When you click on “Add payment”, a pop-up window will appear. Enter your billing details and then click “Next.”


After you finish, GoDaddy will bring you back to the main page. Here, all you have to do is choose “Complete Purchase.”

Complete Purchase

You will receive a confirmation email from GoDaddy like the one below.

A thanks mail for the order

2. Choose a good web-hosting service provider

After finishing the first step of choosing and buying a domain name, the next step is choosing a good web-hosting service provider to upload our website. For those who don’t understand what web hosting means, it is a service that allows you to store your website files on high-powered computers which are called “web servers,” connected to a very fast network. When anyone types in your web address (your domain name), the Internet connects to the web server which your website files are stored in, and then transfers your website information back to their computer. From there, anyone can surf and view the pages of your website.

This time we are going to choose Hostgator to be our host service provider, because they have 24/7/365 support, plus live chat, so if you face any hosting-related problem, you can contact them at any time and they will reply and help you immediately.

Now let’s go to


To get hosting, click on “Web Hosting” in the left corner.

Web Hosting on HostGator

You will find three types of plan. Choose what suits you. I recommend you not to choose “Hatchling Plan” because in this plan you are going to get only one domain, and this means that if you get other domain names, you can’t put them in that type of hosting. In other words, if you dodn’t like your domain name and you want to change it, you must pay for another hosting plan to put your new domain name in it. “Business Plan” comes with a whole load of added extras you probably won’t require when just getting started. So, “Baby Plan” is a good choice because it has unlimited domain names and necessary features.

Choose a Plan on HostGator

Now, select “Baby Plan” by clicking on “Sign Up Now!”

Sign Up for HostGator

After you choose this plan, you must fill some information to be able to buy it. You will find six sections with blank space to fill. Let’s fill them.

The first section is called “Choose a Domain.” In this section we are going to choose “I Already Own This Domain” tab.

Choose a Domain Name on HostGator

In the “I Already Own This Domain” tab, enter your domain name without adding “www” and then hit Enter.

Enter Your Domain Name

Let’s move to the second section, which is called “Choose a Hosting Plan.”

Choose a Hosting Plan

In this section, make sure that you are in the Baby Plan. In the billing cycle, choose 1 month @ $11.95/month. It is better to pay month by month, just in case you want to cancel the hosting in any month.

Choose Billing Cycle

Then type your login username in the Username box, and then choose numbers in the Security PIN box.

Choose Username

The third section is called “Enter Your Billing Info.”

In this section you should enter your billing information and billing method. You don’t need my help in this section because it is your personal details.

Fill out your personal information

The fourth section is called “Add Additional Services.” In this section, Hostgator offers you some additional services. Each comes with its price, so if you need any one of these service, choose it.

Add Additional Services on HostGator

But in this time, we don’t want any of these services, so we are going to uncheck them all.

Uncheck some options

The last two sections are “Enter a Coupon Code” and “Review Order Details.” In the fifth section, if you have a coupon code, enter it and Hostgator will make a discount in your first month. In the last section, you can see your amount due which is $11.95 which will be paid each month. Make sure to check on “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” and then click on “Checkout Now!”

It is time to pay

Congratulations, you have finished the first hosting step. Hostgator will send you an email, and in that, you will be given what is called your “Nameservers.” Copy those nameservers and let’s move to the next step, which is connecting your domain name with your hosting account.

Check your mail

⇒ I have explained how to get general shared hosting from Hostgator, because shared hosting is an easy and affordable way for newbies to get started on the web with websites that aren’t high traffic, but when your website starts to receive huge traffic, you have to migrate your hosting from being shared hosting to what is called VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting is designed for customers that expect a substantial increase in traffic. It also allows for more power and flexibility than the general shared hosting.

Unfortunately, it is a little bit more expensive than general shared hosting. The smallest package starts from $80 per month.

Don’t migrate your hosting until it starts to receive huge traffic. It can take you a few months till you receive thousands of visitors each month.

To be able to migrate your hosting from being general shared to VPS, read this article. It is taken from Hostgator’s blog:

How to Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS

3. Connect your domain name with your hosting account

This step is a technical one. Some people find it difficult, but it is not. We make this step when we buy a domain name and a hosting service from different companies, like what we have just done – we bought the domain name from GoDaddy and the hosting service from Hostgator. We just need to perform a simple step to essentially link the two together.

Let’s go back to GoDaddy once again, where we bought our domain name. Make sure to sign in.

Go back to GoDaddy

Click on the drop down list and choose “My Products.”

Choose your products on GoDaddy

On the “My Products” page, you will find a list of the domain names you have bought. Just go to your new domain name and click on “DNS.”

Change the DNS

After you open “DNS,” you will find a page with many sections. Scroll down until you find a section called “Nameservers.”

Change the Nameservers

We will replace those nameservers with the nameservers we previously received by email from Hostgator, so let’s click on the “Change” button.

Press on Change the nameservers

Click on the drop down list and choose “Custom” instead of “Default.”

Choose Custom Nameservers

Now we need the new nameservers, so we will go back to search for the email we received from Hostgator with the new nameservers.

Find the nameservers in the mail

Copy the first and the second nameservers, and let’s head back to GoDaddy again to paste them in.

Add the new nameservers

And then click on the “Save” button to save.

Save your nameservers

We have finished the first step of connecting our domain name with our hosting account. However, there is another small step we should do. In the same email, you will find what is called “Your Control Panel,” click on that link.

Click on your Control Panel link

When you click on that link, you will be directed to your web-hosting control panel, where you can manage your various hosted services.

Log into your account

Write your username and password – you will find them in the same email under “Your Control Panel” link – and then click on “Log In.”

Put your username and password

After you log in, you will find the main page of the Hostgator control panel.

Host Gator control panel

The page is divided into many sections, and each section provides some services that are offered by Hostgator. Scroll down the page till you find a section called “Domains.”

Click on Domains

In the same section, click on “Addon Domains.”

Addon Domains

Now write your domain name in the “New Domain Name” area, write a strong password, then click on “Add Domain.”

Fill out Addon Domains

With this last step, we connected our domain name with our web-hosting account, and now you have a working website. There are further steps in order to make it completely ready for our posts, so let’s move to our next step, which is “Installing WordPress.”

Sometimes when a domain name is newly registered, the nameservers are changed, or DNS changes are made, the propagation time may take up to 24 hours. So don’t worry if it’s taking time for the DNS to take effect across the Internet.

4. Install WordPress

Before we install WordPress, we should first ask: What is it?

WordPress is an online, open source website platform, developed and designed to help you creating, maintaining or publishing a website or a blog. It’s probably the easiest and most powerful way to create a website without even learning any coding language. The best feature of WordPress is that it is totally free, so you won’t pay a penny to install WordPress.


Moreover, WordPress is used by famous blogs and well-known websites such as:

Now, let’s install WordPress. It is an easy process that won’t take more than one minute. In order to install WordPress, follow this short video that will walk you through the installing process, this video is taken from the Hostgator Channel on YouTube.

After you install WordPress, you need to buy a WordPress theme in order to make your website look more professional, so let’s go to the next step: “Buy a professional WordPress theme.”

5. Buy a professional WordPress theme

A WordPress theme is the interface of your website. In other words, it is the overall design of your website. You can customize what you want in that theme – you can change font sizes and styling, colors, page layouts, widget locations, and you can control your blog styles and archives.

There are many places where we can buy WordPress themes, but the best one is called ThemeForest.

Let’s go to

ThemeForest main page

In the search area, type “viral theme” and hit Enter.

Viral theme in the search bar

This will take you to a page full of viral themes, where each theme comes with its price. You can scroll down and choose any theme. Moreover, you can filter your search by category, tags, or price. You can control them from the left-hand side.

Choose a theme

Before you choose any theme, I want to explain why you should buy a WordPress theme rather than using a free one. Premium themes usually have a reliable code base and offer support if something goes wrong, so I encourage you to invest in premium themes. If you don’t want to pay much money, I have another way that will save you a lot of money and give you the same results. It will be discussed in Section 3.

So let’s go back to our search results and choose any theme. Let’s choose the second result which is “PRESSO – Modern Magazine / Newspaper / Viral Theme.”

Open the theme you chose

When you reach this page, it is important to scroll down and read the theme features, the number of sales, people’s comments and when it was last updated. Read all of this carefully.

Presso viral theme

Click on “Screenshots” to view images of the theme, and “Live Preview” for a website simulation.

press on Live Preview or Screeshots

If you don’t like a certain theme, you can go back to the previous page which has the search results and look for another theme. When you find one you like, buy it by clicking on “Add to Cart.”

Add to cart the theme

A pop-up window will appear to confirm your item was added to your cart. Now click on “Go to Checkout”.

Go to Checkout

On this page, there are three sections. Section 1 asks you to create an account, Section 2 requires your billing details, and Section 3 will ask you to select your method of payment (credit card or PayPal).

Create an account on ThemeForest

After you finish buying this theme, you will receive a confirmation email from ThemeForest. In that mail click on “My downloads” to be able to download the theme.

Mail from ThemeForest

This will lead you to a ThemeForest page where you download your theme by clicking on “Download.” You will receive a WinZip file on your computer. Save it, because you are going to upload it into your WordPress website.

Download your theme

After we have finally bought our theme, we need to install it in WordPress, and we need to learn more about how to manage WordPress, how to add posts, how to manage categories, how to add media. In other words, how to deal with the back-end. That brings us to the last step of our section, which is “Dealing with your WordPress Website.”

6. Manage your WordPress website

So as I mentioned above, this is our last step in Section 2. Actually, to be able to deal with the back-end of your WordPress website, you will eventually need to learn a lot of other things. I can’t describe them all here, because it would need tons of pages, so I have stopped my tutorial at the end of the essential steps. I will give you some useful resources that will help you understand WordPress better and learn how to manage your website in a short period of time.

My first resource is “Beginner Tuts.” This is a YouTube channel that teaches many courses for free and for beginners. Watch “WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2017 | Step by Step | Dashboard – Part 4” because this video will give you a quick overview of WordPress.

My second resource is MyThemeShop, and this website also teaches you some WordPress lessons that will make you able to master WordPress.

It is divided into two sections, the first section is subdivided into 24 short video tutorials that will help you learning the basics of WordPress.

Learn WordPress Level one

The second section is subdivided into 9 short video tutorials and it will help you learning advanced WordPress.

Learn WordPress Level 2

At the end of this section, I hope that you understand how you can build a viral website from scratch. I explained all the essential and necessary information. As I said earlier, it will take a lot of pages to explain how to deal with WordPress while there are many professional websites and videos on the Internet that can explain WordPress for beginners better than me. In case you need any help, just contact me and I will help you as quickly as possible.

If you worry that creating a WordPress website is costly or you won’t be able to deal with it, then don’t worry because I am going to reveal another way that will save you a lot of money and time in the next section.

Section 3

Creating A Viral Website

” The Simple Way “


In this section, we are going to learn another way to create a viral website.

And I will explain why I recommend you use it instead of WordPress.


If you are a beginner or have no idea how to create a website, and you have found that creating a WordPress website is somehow costly or difficult, then don’t worry, because this simple method I am going to explain will enable you to have a ready professional viral website in less than five minutes. You won’t need to buy a domain name, a hosting service, a WordPress theme, or even learn WordPress to create a website. Instead, we are going to use Nuttylist.

No Domain Name or Web hosting

What is Nuttylist?

Nuttylist is a great service that allows you to create a professional viral website in less than a minute. It also gives you all the necessary tools to create posts in a very easy and convenient way.

What is Nuttylist

Why do I recommend you use Nuttylist?

Actually, I prefer to choose the professional way and make the website by myself, but this is because I have extensive experience in WordPress and I have made dozens of websites before – so why do I recommend you use the simple way while I prefer to use the professional way?

The answer is very simple: I want you to focus only on the content and the techniques of generating traffic, without spending much time building a website and solving technical issues or miscellaneous problems which will slow you down. Beside that reason, there are others too:

  • Firstly, it is an instant website. In less than a minute, you will have your website fully working, so you won’t need to do anything complicated to get started.


  • Secondly, you will save money. With their $5 a month plan, you will have a domain name, a hosting service and a professional theme design, so you will save more than $100 compared to the professional way.


  • Thirdly, you will have a complete viral website, because it is designed to encourage the visitors to navigate among pages, leaving comments and sharing your posts on their social media accounts.


  • Fourthly, their acclaimed Post Creator feature will help you create perfect content without any worries about anything else. You will be focused mainly on the content.


  • Fifthly, you can have more than one website in any category you like. All can be controlled from one dashboard and one account.


  • Sixthly, they have already some monetization methods to help you making money such,, Propeller Ads, Revenuhits and many more.

Nuttylist is like BuzzFeed

How to make a viral website using Nuttylist?

Let’s go to

Open Nuttylist main page

Scroll down to the “Our Plans” section. Their plans range from $5 to $10 based on their features. I recommend you choose “Basic Plan” because you don’t need the “Pro Plan” now till you start making money.

Choose the plans

Nuttylist gives you a 14-day trial in order to test their service, so click on “Start your 14-Day Trial Now” to create your website.

Pro Plan is the best

Now you can start creating your viral website. Unlike the professional method, you don’t have to buy a domain name from any company like GoDaddy or Hostgator. All you have to do is to choose a name and write it directly in the domain name area, so let’s type “dogsgeeks”, and then click on “Check Availability”. If the name has been taken, choose another.

Check if your domain name is available

After that, you will be directed to the second section which is “Your Info.” Enter your email address and a strong password and then click on the “Take me to my site” button.

Create viral website

After less than a minute, you will be asked again to type your email/your site name and the same password.

write your username and password

After you enter your username and password, you will go directly to your website dashboard.

your viral website dashboard

Congratulations, you have set up your first viral website in less than a minute. Easy process, isn’t it!

In order to see the front-end of your website, click on “My Sites” then “dogsgeeks” or your website name and then click on “Visit Site.”

Visit your viral website

Your website front-end will look like this:

a website like BuzzFeed

Now you need to replace the logo with your own, change the colors, and delete the example posts. In other words, you need to customize your website with your own taste and content.

How to customize your viral website?

In order to do that, go back again to and then click on “Tutorials.”


This will lead you to the “Tutorials” section; now click on “Video Tutorials.”

Press on Video Tutorials

On the “Tutorials” page, the video tutorials are divided into four sections. Each section is subdivided into topics, containing short videos. Before you start working on your website, you should watch those videos in order to be able to manage your website. The videos cover all the necessary topics you should know. The average duration of each video is 2 minutes, so make sure to spend 20 minutes of your time watching them in order to customize your website easily and efficiently.

In Section One, you are going to learn the basics, and how to deal with your dashboard to create menus and categories.

Open each tab, read its short description, open the video, and then start following the instructions.

Section one

In Section Two, you will learn how to design your website and how to change the colors and logo.

Section two

In Section Three, you are going to learn how to create different posts.

Section three

In Section Four, you are going to learn some ways to monetize your website.

Section four

At the end, you will be able to create your first post after 25 minutes (five minutes to create your website and 20 minutes to watch the videos and customize your website). As I said before, I call it the simple way, and as I mentioned above, I recommend you apply it if you don’t know WordPress or if you want to save some money and time. It is up to you whether to choose the Professional way or the Simple way. Both methods have been discussed in detail.

Section 4

Creating Content For

Your Viral Website


In this section, we are going to learn how to find content that rocks for your viral website, which type of content can drive huge traffic, what people prefer in content, and how we write a content masterpiece.

Creating content for your viral website

What type of content drives the most traffic?

In order to create great content, you must first understand what people like most. You may spend a lot of hours creating good content from your own point of view, and suddenly you collide with the fact that your public don’t like it or don’t share it. Actually there are seven areas where people have huge interaction, and those seven areas have the most shared posts on the whole Internet. People like emotional posts, the arts, photography, food, historical places or events, funny posts and of course animals. You can select one area for your website and specialize in it, or you can have a website where you cover all those seven areas.    

What people like the most?

Let’s take a quick overview of them. All the following examples are taken from


1.Emotional Posts

As you can see, such topics can stimulate people to interact. 56.4K for this post only – imagine if you could create tens of a such post – how many visitors would you get?!

Emotional posts


2. Arts

22.6k shares on Facebook from a single post can give us practical evidence that people like “Art” very much.

Painting posts


3. Photography

Photography can be your best choice when you decide to make a viral website, 335.9k shares for just one post can make you a millionaire.

photographers posts


4. Food

Food is love, food is life. There is no creature on the earth that hates food, and making a viral website for food can bring all the hungry people to your blog.

Food Posts


5. History

History is very important and really colors most of our opinions on virtually everything. Some people like historical places, while others like historical characters and events, so make sure to diversify your posts among historical places, characters, events, sites, figures, and buildings.

historical posts


6. Funny

Due to life stress and problems, people need to cheer up and to be happy, so make them laugh.

Funny posts


7. Animals

People like animals very much, maybe because animals don’t care one way or the other about the money, your political view, your gender or your position in life. Making a viral website for animals can bring you thousands/millions of animal lovers each month.

animals posts

As you see, the total number of shares exceeds more than half a million from only seven posts. Imagine if you have a viral website that covers all those areas and has dozens of posts like those –, how many shares would you be receiving each month?

Remember that in order to make a successful viral website, you must generate huge traffic, because visitors will bring you money.

The more share you have the more money you get

That’s why you must know which areas people like and start creating posts that cover those areas. This brings us to the next question: what type of posts get shared the most?

What type of posts get shared the most?

People will share any type of post as long as it brings entertainment, whether it is a video or a single image, but the posts that get shared the most are “List Type Articles.” These often start with a number and are followed by a title and in the article body, there are a series of pictures or videos. For example:

What type of posts get shared?

After reading this title, you are led to view 19 images/videos/GIFs of funny dogs. This type of post stimulates people to open and read it. In addition, they automatically share them on their social media accounts.

So when you create a list post, make sure to assign a certain number followed by a title in the main post title, like the example above.

Then, write some sentences as an introduction, from four to seven sentences, telling people what they are going to see.

In the body paragraph, make a number list of images / videos / GIFs / tweets.

how to write a good post

Let’s see some real examples from some of the big viral websites.

19 Dogs Who Are Funny As Fuck

the first example

15 Failing Moms And Dads Who Could Use A Refresher Course On Parenting

the second example

24 Times People Were So Lazy To Decorate For Christmas

the third example

As you can see, the big viral websites always create this type of post, ever since they learned that these are being shared far more than plain articles or a single image post or just one video. So, when you start creating content, keep in mind that people don’t like articles that are only full of words. Instead, they need to see some visual elements rather than only reading sentences.

How do I create a good post like BuzzFeed?

After learning what type of content drives traffic the most, and the type of posts that get shared the most, let’s go deeper and learn how we can write a good post.

You have two schools when it comes to writing good content:

First school: Spying school

Second school: Creativity school

different approaches for creating viral content

You need the two schools when you start writing your posts. In the spying school, you simply search for competitors’ posts (big viral websites), which have a huge number of shares, and take those posts, rewrite them with your own voice, and publish them on your blog.

In the creativity school, you search for viral pics, videos, trends and stories on the web, and create your own post by yourself.

So let’s discuss in detail both schools and learn how we can implement them when we create a good post.


Spying School

As I mentioned before, spying school is the easiest way to write good content and get thousands of visitors too. To apply the spying school approach, follow these steps:

  1. Open some viral websites (three or four websites).
  2. Choose the same category of your website in each viral website.
  3. Look for the posts that have a huge number of shares and open them.
  4. Copy the title and the introduction paragraph.
  5. Paste them into a Word document and rewrite the title and the introduction paragraph with your own words.
  6. Download the pictures or the videos onto your computer.
  7. Open your website, and copy what you wrote from the Word file and paste it in your website.
  8. Upload the same pictures or videos to your website.
  9. Identify the original source of the pictures and credit the creator.


That’s it. Let’s explain those steps in detail.

1.Open some viral websites.

Open some of the biggest viral websites that are already popular, such as BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, ViralNova, etc.

open some viral websites


2. Choose the same category or niche of your website in each viral website.

If your viral website was for animals, for example, then search in their categories for “Animals.”If your website is for food, then search for “Food.”

choose your niche


3. Open the top posts.

Look for the posts that have a huge number of shares and open them. Look for the most popular two or three posts.

choose the most shared post


4. Copy the title and the introduction paragraph.

copy the post


5. Paste them into a Word document.

Rewrite the title and the introduction paragraph in your own words. You can add or remove some sentences, but the most important thing is not to copy the article word for word. You have to rewrite them in your own style.

rewrite the post


6. Download the pictures or the videos into your computer.

Save the images


7. Open your website, copy what you wrote in Word, and paste it into your website.

write your first viral post


8. Upload the same pictures or videos to your website.

add the pics into your post


9. Identify the original source of the pictures and credit the creator.

It’s important to credit the person who created the pictures or mention their original source. You don’t need to mention the viral website where you took those pictures. Instead, go back to the viral website and open the link where they took the pictures from it.

mention the original creator

Copy the original link to your clipboard.

Open his link

Paste the original link to your website and credit the creator of each picture you upload.

paste the creator link to credit him

This is the spying school: very easy, doesn’t consume a lot of time or effort, and always gives good results. Now let’s move to the creativity school.


Creativity School

In the creativity school, you are going to create the posts yourself. All you have to do is to find some viral images and videos on the Internet and collect them to make your post, or you should observe the current trends and viral stories and events, and write about them. This will bring us to the main question: Where can I find these viral pictures and videos? Let’s take them one by one.

how to find good pictures

You have many resources of great viral pictures, where you can make tons of viral posts in a short time.

1. Imgur

Imgur is an image hosting and sharing site that keeps pictures online for free in various formats, including animated GIFs. It is also one of the most social media platforms where you can get thousands of visitors to your website each month. Now let’s go to and see how we can make some good posts.

find some good images on imgur

In the search box, write a keyword of your website niche or category. Let’s assume we are going to create a post about animals, so we write in the search box “Animals” and then hit Enter.

search for your niche

After we hit Enter, we will find all the results for animals, In this example, Imgur found 44,053 results for the keyword entered. Those results are sorted by the highest scoring, which means those images are the most popular images on Imgur and have the highest views and shares.

there are some results

Now put your mouse cursor on each image of those results – of course, not all of them, just four or five. When you put it over the images, a small drop list will appear, telling you how many views this image has and if it was a single image, animated image, or an album. We don’t need to select a single image; we need to select the images where they are already in an album, because we are creating a “List type article” which has 10 to 15 images in a single article.

search for albums

When you open the image, you will find an album which is full of similar images.

save those pictures

Scroll down and save each image into your computer.

save the pictures into your pc

You will end with a great album of pictures that are ready to be created in a viral post. You just need to write a good title with four to seven introductory sentences and then upload those pictures to your website.

create album on your computer


2. Reddit

Reddit is another place where you can get both pictures and traffic at the same time. In this section I am only going to cover getting viral pictures into a good post, but in the next section, I  will explain how you can generate traffic from Reddit to your website. So let’s move to

open reddit

As we did with Imgur, we will follow the same steps in Reddit. In the search box, we type the keyword of our niche: “Animals” and then hit Enter.

search for your niche

After you hit Enter, you will find a lot of “Subreddits.” Each Subreddit contains similar images. Choose any Subreddit and open it.

choose any subreddit

When you open the Subreddit, you will see a lot of images,, You can open the first 10 or 15 pictures and save them into your computer as we did with Imgur, and then upload them in your website with an attractive title and some sentences.

save as the subreddit images


3. Facebook

Facebook groups can play an important role when it comes to getting viral photos. Now go to your Facebook account.

open facebook

In the search box, type a keyword of your website niche such as “Animals” and hit Enter.

search for your niche again

Then choose “Groups.”

search for pictures in facebook groups

Now, join a lot of animal groups by clicking on the “Join” button.

Join a lot of groups

When you get accepted, you can go to the photos section and download any pictures which share some similarities. Then you can create a post for every 10 or 15 pictures. You can apply this method for any niche or category – if your website was for food, then search for “Food” groups and so on.

The above are the three best resources for viral pictures, where you can make a lot of viral posts using them.


4. Other Sources

You can use other sources of pictures, based on your niche. For example, if your viral website was for Handmade or DIY, you can search for the biggest sites on the Internet that specialize in those types of niches such as Etsy. It is a popular website that sells handmade products. You can create dozens of creative posts using the Etsy pictures.


If your viral website was for Animals, you can use National Geographic to grab the latest wild pictures to use in your posts.

National Geographic

If your website was for arts, then you can get a good collections of art pictures using Artsy.


So before you start your viral website, make sure to decide which area or niche you would like to choose and then collect from the two to five websites where you will get most of your pictures.


find some good videos

You have also many places where you can find a lot of viral videos that you can use in your website.


1. YouTube

Of course, YouTube is one of the most well known video sharing websites. More than 300 hours of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you can find thousands of videos that could make your posts go viral. Now, let’s go to

open youtube

In the search box, type a keyword that is related to your viral website – so let’s write “Animals” and hit Enter.

search for your niche

We don’t need to get random videos; we need to find some videos that are already viral or have a lot of views, so let’s click on “Filter.”

choose filter

When you click on “Filter,” a big drop down list will appear. This list has five filters, which are “Upload Date,” “Type,” “Duration,” “Features,” and “Sort By.”

see the results

We don’t need all those filters; we will just select “Today” from the filter “Upload Date” and “View Count” from the filter “Sort By.”

choose some filters

When we finish filtering, we will find a list of all the videos that have been uploaded in the past 24 hours. As you can see, the first video already has 64,000 views from the last 21 hours only. This means that if we took that video and put it in our website with an attractive title and a few sentences, this video would go viral immediately.

choose the most recent video

All we have to do is to open the video, take the video URL, and paste it into our viral website when we make a post.

copy the url link

We can select more than one video – you can make dozens of videos every day. You can also apply this method daily to see which videos that have been uploaded in the last 24 hours and take the videos that have the most views to put them in your viral website.


2. Break

Break is another video sharing community where thousands of viral funny and humorous videos are uploaded every day. This site selects the best comedy videos from around the web, so let’s go to


Then, click on the Search icon to open the search box. Let’s write “Animals,” and hit Enter.

search for your niche

After hitting Enter, a list of videos will appear.. We can select the most viewed videos and open them.

open the video

Then, we take the video URL and paste it in our website post with a beautiful title and good introduction.

copy the link


3. Viral Videos

This site gathers the best videos that are popular from multiple sources such as Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, and other sources, and presents them to you as a ranked list. so let’s take a look at a website called: ViralVideos

viral videos

Click on the search icon to open the search box.

search for your niche

In the search box, we write our keyword and click Enter.

write your niche keyword

A list of viral videos will appear. All we have to do is open the videos, take the URLs, and paste them in our website as we did with YouTube and Break.

search results

Of course there are other sources of viral videos such as Facebook groups and pages, Reddit, and Vimeo, but you can depend on the three sites I have described above to get viral videos for your viral website.

To sum up Section 4, I have explained what type of content people like and what type of posts get shared. I have showed you the difference between the spying school and the creativity school and I discussed in detail how you can use each school. I showed you where to find viral pictures and where to get the latest videos. Finally I just want to encourage you to check Google Trends, CNN, The Mirror, and other news sites from time to time to see what is trending in current affairs.

Section 5

Driving Traffic To

Your Viral Website


In this section, we are going to learn how to drive thousands of visitors each month to your viral website, either organic or paid traffic.

Driving Traffic png

Every website owner knows the fact that if they fail to attract visitors, their website is bound to get lost in the vastness of the Internet, and viral websites are no exception. You are establishing this online business to drive thousands of visitors to your viral website each month in order to make money. If no one visits your site, then all your work will be useless. This brings us to the main question of this section: How can we generate traffic to our viral website?

Actually, we need massive traffic each month to make good money, and to get this traffic we need to share our posts on all kinds of social media platforms. In addition, we must create a Facebook page and run some successful ads from time to time.

1. How to get visitors “Organic Traffic”?

In this section, I am going to discuss in detail how you can generate thousands of visitors each month from just one social media platform, which is Reddit.


I mentioned Reddit before in the previous section, where I explained how you can get viral pictures. Now I am going to teach you how to use Reddit to get a lot of visitors each month.

Before we dig into this section, let’s see what Wikipedia says about Reddit:

“Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down that determines their position on the page.

 Submissions with the most up-votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “Subreddits.”

Subreddit topics include news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, image sharing, and many others. The site prohibits harassment, and moderation requires substantial resources.

So according to Wikipedia, Reddit is a place where a long list of posts is displayed, which can include links to articles elsewhere on the web or posts in the form of text. It allows other users to up-vote or down-vote a post according to their opinion of it. The more up-votes a post gets, the higher it will be displayed on the site.

Now let’s move to

open reddit main page

In the upper right-hand corner, you can log in if you have a Reddit account, or you can sign up to create one. In this case, I am going to create a new account in Reddit from scratch, so I will choose “Sign up.”

create a reddit account

After you click on “Sign up,” a pop-up window will appear and will ask you to enter your email address, so write your email address and click on “Next.”

create a reddit account

In the following step, Reddit will ask you to choose five interest-based communities, so you can choose the niche or the categories you want from the left-hand side, and then subscribe to some Subreddits. You can choose “Animals,” for example, and then subscribe to some of its Subreddits. After you finish, click on “Next.”

subscribe to different subreddits

After that, choose a username, a strong password, confirm that you aren’t a robot, and then click “Submit.”

Submit your account

Congratulations, you now have an account on Reddit.

you have signed up

Before you do anything on Reddit, you must first increase your account link karma and comment karma to make it more trusted to post in any popular Subreddit without getting banned.

If you haven’t heard about karma before, it is the scoreboard of Reddit; a reward earned for posting popular content. It also comes in two flavors: link karma, and comment karma. You can gain points when your links and comments are up-voted by other users. At the same time, you lose karma when your links and comments are down-voted.

You can view any user’s karma at the top of the sidebar in their profile page.

see the users karma

In order to increase karma, at first you shouldn’t post anything for the next 15 days to allow your account to become matured.

Then try to post some images in different Subreddits. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to

This website will help you specifying the most crowded Subreddits that have too many subscribers.

search for the biggest subreddit

Try to find some crowded Subreddits based on your preferences. So in the search box, write any keyword in any topic you like. Let’s write “funny” and hit Enter.

search for your niche

You will find all the Subreddits that contain the word “funny.” Now choose the most crowded one and click on it.

choose the most crowded subreddit

Before you start participating in any Subreddit, you must read its rules first. It is important not to ignore those rules, because if you don’t follow them, you will be banned from that Subreddit forever, and you won’t be able to post anything in it again. 

You will find the rules in the middle of the right side bar.

read the subreddit rules

Now, go to

open imgur

Click on the Search icon and write the word “funny” in the search box, and hit Enter.

write your keyword niche

Now choose any image that looks funny and click on it to open.

choose any picture

Copy the image URL.

copy the link

And then go to this website:

This website helps you to check if the image has already been uploaded by any other user to Reddit.

go to karma decay

Paste the image URL you copied from Imgur in the URL search box on Karma Decay, and hit Search.

Put your link on Karma Decay

If you found this sentence after hitting search: “No very similar images were found on Reddit,” then you are lucky, because no one posted this image in any Subreddit before. But if you found that this image was posted before, you will have to search for another image on Imgur.

make sure that it isn't uploaded on Reddit before

Now it is time to post this image on Reddit, so go back again to the “Funny” Subreddit and click on the “Submit a humorous link” button.

now submit the link

A new window will appear. Insert your image URL in the URL box, add a nice title, check the box to confirm that you aren’t a robot, and then hit Submit.

complete the required data

Repeat this technique five times a day, every single day, in different Subreddits, till your link karma increases, and don’t forget to reply to the comments you receive, in order to increase your comment karma too.

Try to get approximately 200 link karma and 30 comment karma. It isn’t difficult if you follow this technique. You can make it in less than a week.

After that, you can start promoting your website’s posts, and here are the steps.

Go to the search bar on the main Reddit page and write a keyword that is related to your viral website niche. Let’s write “animals.”

search for your niche

When you hit search, you will find some Subreddits appear on the left side. Try to choose the Subreddit that has not too many subscribers, and not too few subscribers.

choose the right subreddit

In this case, AnimalPorn seems to be the perfect Subreddit to be selected, so go and open it.

Now, in order to submit your link, click on the “Submit a new link” button.

submit a new link

A new form will appear to add your link.

put the url of your article

Leave it as it is while you go to your viral website and choose the article you want to post into Reddit, and copy the post URL.

go and copy the link of your post

Go back to Reddit again, and paste the link in the URL form, write a title, and then hit submit.

paste it in Reddit

After you submit your link, there is something else you must do.

Your goal is to reach the front page by increasing the up-votes you get from other Subreddit subscribers.

increase your exposure

In order to make your link popular, you have to determine which links have the most up-votes in this Subreddit.

These guys have much more up-votes than the others:

choose the most upvoted posts

Open each one of them and click on “comment” under each one.

choose any one of them

After that, try to add a comment in order to let them know you.

write some comments

Repeat these steps whenever you want to add a new link. After a while, people will interact with you, leave comments on your links and posts, and up-vote you. Then those people will start recognizing your viral website, and visit it on a regular basis.

Still there are some important tips that will enhance your chances of getting a lot of visitors:

  • Don’t post spammy links.
  • Don’t post ad
  • Don’t over-promote your website.
  • Avoid posting too many links in a short time.
  • Try to interact with other users.
  • Leave comments and reply to everyone.
  • Post between 10-11 m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Post after 6 m. at the weekends.
  • Post only your best content.

I receive thousands of visitors each month from Reddit only. Imagine if you use two to three other social media platforms beside Reddit – how many visitors could you get in a month? Thousands of thousands, right?


2. How to get visitors “Paid Traffic”?

You need to create a Facebook fan page and start growing it with Facebook ads. All you have to do is to create a Facebook page and run some ads to target audiences who like viral stuff.

If you don’t know how to create a Facebook page, these tutorials will explain how you can create one in simple steps. These tutorials are divided into three videos and they are taken from iBrand Your Business TV:

If you don’t know how to run a successful Facebook ad, I recommend watching this great video by Rebecca Marsh:

At the end of this section, I hope you have formed a clear picture about generating traffic to your website, either organic or paid.

Section 6

How To Monetize

Your Viral Website


In this section, we are going to learn how to monetize your viral website and start making money.

How to monetize your viral website

Okay, in the previous sections we have learned how to create a viral website from scratch, either through the professional way or the simple way. We have also learned how to create good content and how to attract visitors to our viral website. In this section, we are going to learn how to monetize our viral website in order to make a lot of money.

First of all, I advise you to not start the monetization from the first month. I suggest you only focus on creating content in the first month, so as to make your viral website look full of posts.

You have a lot of methods for starting monetization; I will list them with step-by-step videos here.

1. How to make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising placement service provided by Google. It designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video, or image ads on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click on the ads. It is considered the easiest way for bloggers to start making money with their blogs/websites.

google adsense

To setup Google AdSense, watch this video:

2. How to make money with Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another way that gives you the ability to monetize your blog, while providing advertisers access to a large number of ad places on premium sites of various categories.

propeller ads

To set up Propeller Ads, watch this video:

3. How to make money with is a URL shortener service that allows you to make money with links that you have in your website. It is a win-win game, because people pay to advertise with, and people who shrink their links with get a cut of the profit every time someone clicks an shortened link.


To set up, watch this video:

4. How to make money with RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another self-service ad network platform for publishers. It is considered a powerful solution, leveraging intelligent algorithms designed to monetize your online articles and posts to the fullest.


To set up RevenueHits, watch this video:

5. How to make money with Chitika

Chitika is an ad revenue sharing program. It provides you with the possibility to make money from your blogs, websites, and online content by placing Chitika ads in your articles or posts. You get paid whenever one of your visitors clicks those ads.


To set up Chitika, watch this video:




And now after you read the article …..

Are you ready to finally get into the game and start your own viral website? 

 Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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